The Scientific and Cultural Association Nutrage gathers a group of people who like to study and research on nutrition and nutraceuticals (or dietary supplements with a recognized benefit to human health), circulating the information through the usual digital and paper media.
Nutrage is a no-profit association and is pleased to bring together practitioners engaged in the so-called health care medicine and more generally in longevity medicine, dysmetabolisms, chronic degenerative cardiovascular and neurological diseases, as well as in aesthetic medicine and sports.
Epigenetics interact with each individual’s genetic heritage to make a possibly positive change over the phenotype. Nutrition and nutraceuticals have progressively gained increasing importance in epigenetics.
A large-scale “evidence-based” scientific literature has validated the use of specific nutritional protocols such as zone diet, paleozone, paleodiet, intermittent fasting, AMMT (just to name a few), to interact positively with natural human senescence and with many chronic-degenerative diseases.
Similarly, the intake of specific nutraceuticals (for example polyphenols such as maqui, polydatin, turmeric, amla, hydroxytyrosol, fatty acids based on omega 3, melatonin, etc.) has proved beneficial to human beings.The specific proprieties of several polyphenols and their role as a hormetins (with the activation of the hormetic process that seems increasingly important to human health) have proved to be of great use in combating a wide range of pathologies and rebalance dismetabolysm, oxidative stress and many of the processes underlying so-called inflammaging.
Nutrage Association aims at providing a continuous exchange of information, knowledge and experiences related to the prevention and care of the effects of aging, based on nutrition and nutraceutical potentials.
Similarly, promoting an educational and training activity for doctors and health and wellness professionals is an integral part of the goals of our Association.
Through our website, a real platform for interchange and mutual cultural enrichment between partners and practitioners of the subject, the Association promotes its various initiatives and scientific productions. The circulation of the scientific material internationally available on nutrition and nutraceuticals is also promoted by Nutrage
The Association aims to aggregate and contact also public and private entities of any nature that may share the spirit and the ideals of Nutrage, so as to favor the goals set by our Association.

Disclaimer: The information contained in this site is for education purposes and can not be the basis for a diagnosis or prescription of a treatment; it is not the intention of Nutrage Association to produce information to replace the necessary medical-patient relationship. It is advisable to contact your healthcare professional in case of doubts or need of clarification about what is reported in our website.